Data privacy

Opt-In process

It is paramount that the relationship between the sender and the recipient begins on a foundation of trust and transparency. That begins with the process of subscription.How a sender collects the addresses not only affects the overall quality of a distribution list but practically it impacts the overall email metrics specially the delivery.

To become the leader in the market with the good reputation we prefer our clients to follow the best practices.

We consider Double Opt-in to be the best form of consent a user can provide a sender. The users requires a secondary action from the email address owner to confirm their subscription.This typically comes in the form of a confirmation link call to action, a URL to post in a browser, etc. We consider this is the ideal method for collecting addresses because a sender has demonstrated a genuine desire to make sure the user absolutely wants their content, and sets an effective foundation for a sender/recipient relationship.

Email unsubscribe practices

It is very much essential to practice a good unsubscribe strategy because if a recipient is unaware about the unsubscribe process, they may be enticed to mark your emails as spam–and this means you risk all of your emails going into the spam folder.

Common reasons users might unsubscribe from your emails include:
• The content is not or no longer relevant to them.
• They receive too many emails and are suffering from email fatigue.

Knowing this fact in mind we always make the unsubscribe process as simple as possible from our side We always put either of unsubscribe button or link with our campaign and always double check whether the link is working or not. We don’t ever try to hide our link at all.

Some other tips to make the unsubscribe easy include:
• We never force our readers to log in first.
• We keep it as simple as one click because more clicking around is likely going to irritate the recipient.
• We don’t wait as we unsubscribe our recipient immediately.

Above all, we ensure that our unsubscribe button is immediately recognisable for the recipient.

We also provide the following options options to:
• Give users the opportunity to update their email address to a new one.
• Offer our social platforms in place of your newsletter.

Opting Out

We always look after customer priority. They can opt out of receiving marketing emails from us at any time they wish, or opt out from having our contact information shared with third parties for direct marketing purposes. The process of opting out is very simple as you just need to click the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of Our marketing messages.Also, all opt out requests can be made by emailing Us at

Please note that it may take up to 24 working to update in our database , so You may receive correspondence from Us for a short time after You make Your request.

Re-engagement campaign

As we are legally obligated to remove all the unsubscribe from our list, we also offer a re-engagement campaign; we think this is a good way to reach unengaged recipients before they hit the unsubscribe button.

We always engage ourselves in analysing the email metrics and it help us to develop a reengagement campaign.
• We ask our subscriber very often that they would be liking to stay on the email list or so.
•We always offer them to update their preference.